First of all we would like to introduce ourselves. We are a small exclusive cattery in Germany’s most wonderful,
busy but as well cosy capital Berlin. A lot of things can be discovered here every day.

Still, one thing you can rarely find even here in Berlin: one of the most adorable cats – the Ragdoll.

First time we met a Ragdoll was when we were surfing on the internet.
We were hypnotized by this big but elegant, fluffy beauty that stole its way
right into our hearts with its bright blue eyes.

We wanted to know more about these cats and learnt everything we could find.
The more we found the more we got attracted by this breed. In the end it was not surprising:
A Ragdoll needs to move in with us. We were seeking for a long time and in the end our dream
came true and we found what we were looking for.
After another endless three weeks “our dream” namely two siblings moved into our home.
We were the happiest people in the world!!

Everything we read, heard and saw up to then came true:
The Ragdoll is very loving, gentle and very affectionate.  This breed is of an adorable
beauty – all these characteristics you find in only one cat…increadible but true.

In the meantime we could not do with only two darlings…please have a look for yourself on the following pages…
 Please get carried away by those gentle giants as they are lovingly called.

Enjoy your tour through our sides…

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