We do have three traditional patterns of a Ragdoll:

Bicolour, Mitted and Colourpoint.

They only differ due to their white parts.


The biggest white parts are to be found in bicoloured Ragdolls. Only mask, ears
and tail are in point colours. The most remarkable sign in this case is the inverted “V” in the mask.
The more even the better. The legs and paws as well as stomach are white.
The bicoloured Ragdoll should possibly have a coloured back which is slightly lighter than the points.
The standard allows some white spots. The paw pads and nose leather is pink.
Please have a look at our neuter Draco Negro aus der Zauberformel, his colour is seal
and with his 6,2 kgs a perfect model of a male; only his “V” is not that perfect.


All mitted Ragdolls have point coloured masks, ears, legs and tails. The chin must be white.
Sometimes they have a narrow blaze on the nose’s bridge.   Beginning at the bib there runs
a white stripe that is not to be interrupted across the stomach down to the lower tail base. 
The front legs have white mittens; the hint legs should be completely white at minimum up to the heels
and maximum to the middle of the thighs.  The body colour should be slightly lighter than the points. 
The paw pads on the front legs shall either be completely pink or partly pink and coloured – depending
on size and shape of the mittens, the hint leg paw pads are completely pink.
The nose leather is depending on the points in that respective colour.
Our "Röschen" - Dolorosa aus der Zauberformel - is a very nice blue mitted lady.


We do not find any white parts in the colourpoint Ragdoll. The mask, ears, legs, paws and the tails have
the same colour than the respective points. The body colour is slightly lighter than the points.
The bib as well as the chest is once  again slightly lighter than the body colour. The paw pads
and the nose leather show up in the respective point colour.
This small purring “wild thing” in seal colourpoint is our young female

Serina of the Ragdoll Friends. It will take another while until she will show the final colouring,
but her points are to be clearly seen already now.

Update 05.02.2017 - © Vulkandolls