All our kittens do not leave our home before they have reached the age of 12 weeks.
As well they only move when they are
absolutely healthy.
By that time they are vaccinated, dewormed and micro chipped. All our kittens have a valid pedigree.
Our kittens grow up in a loving and warm surrounding and are considered as members of our family.
That is why we pay extra attention that their future parents are as loving and affectionate.
We would like to be a part of their future as well, whilst being there when advice and help is needed.
Wed be delighted to receive photos or telephone calls/emails in order
to see/hear a bit of their future development.

You find news and information about our kittens
under the button Kitten news.

Should you have any questions about actual or planed litters or should you be interest in the breed,
please do not hesitate to give us a call or send in an email.

Wed be happy to help you!


Update 05.02.2017 - Vulkandolls